After School TV Zombie Blues

Album: The Merry Pirate School


v1) I got off the school bus, went home and flipped on the television With that cable I was able to watch most any junk I’d choose I got a hold of that remote control and started surfin’ thru the channels I had a bad case of the after school TV zombie blues

v2) All my friends had vacant stares cuz they were also TV zombies They believed everything they were told if it was on that screen But then one day this new kid came to school and landed in our classroom She seemed kinda strange and alive and her name was Christine

v3) I said, “Christine, welcome to the land of after school TV zombies Why don’tcha join us over at my house we’ll watch a whole bunch o’ shows We’ll all wear a silly stare and slouch down in the chair eatin’ junk food We’ve memorized how every last stupid commercial goes”

But Christine only wrinkled her nose and she replied

CH: “I wanna read, I wanna read, I wanna open my mind in the world Let me succeed, help me to read, give me a book and a place I can curl up Curl up and read, that’s what I need And there’s no telling what treasure I’ll find With a wide open mind I wanna read”

v4) I said, “Christine, you’re weird, you really ain’t no TV zombie! I should have guessed by the sparkle in your eye and spring in your step But what about all the rest of us pathetic after school TV zombies?” Then Christine said, “I’ve got an idea, there might be hope for you yet!”

v5) That was the start of the club we call the After School Eager Beaver Readers Y’ know, we meet once a week and we’re the best friends you ever have seen We’re into reading and discussing books and taking hikes in the country And we start every meeting with a song we learned from Christine:



by Jack Pearson © 2002 Jack Pearson, OtterTunity Inc. - BMI